Taeyeon's sincere message to SHINee Jonghyun

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon has successfully finished her Christmas concert "TAEYEON SPECIAL LIVE The Magic of Christmas Time" held in Seoul from December 22-24. As always, the great female k-pop singer showed outstanding performance, electrifying her fans. During the concert, she performed magic too, and it's notable that Seohyun, who has left SM Entertainment but still is a member of Girls' Generation made a guest appearance and sang with the leader of the team.

By the way, before Taeyeon kicked off her Christmas concert, many people were worried about her because, you know, she has recently lost her close friend, Jonghyun. The idol star, who had suffered from severe depression died on December 18, and Taeyeon has been in deep sorrow, of course.

But the professional female singer disguised her sorrow during the concert. Dressed in a beautiful red dress, she showed high quality performance, entertaining her fans. She exchanged jokes with the fans, and she laughed too.

However, when she talked about a small Christmas tree that was given by Jonghyun, it seemed it was hard for her to control her emotions, and she eventually burst into tears.

Check out what Taeyeon talked about Jonghyun.

I'd like to introduce this Christmas tree. I received from my valued friend. My friend, who recently started off a long journey gave me this as a Christmas present. He was romantic, sweet and warm-hearted person who could share many things with others. He was a shiny and wonderful person, and thanks to him, I will be able to light this tree throughout all seasons. When I left my house this morning, my mom told me to make an appointment with my fans to relieve their anxiety. Well, I promise. I will sing for a long time. I won't leave you. And I'll try harder with total sincerity. I thank my fans and all the staff members who helped me to show better performance. And I thank Jonghyun, who's far away from us.

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