Gaon's belated decision shows how influential G-Dragon is

On June 19, 2017, Gaon chart officially announced that it decided not to count GD's USB as an album, stating "To be considered as an album, music should be contained in a material object. We can't define digital music as an album because it could break down the boundary between digital download chart and album chart".

Well, it was ridiculous. The appearance of music album has been changing again and again, and Gaon and the Korea Music Content Industry Association, which is currently running the Chart couldn't just keep up with the trend.

But, Gaon eventually showed the white flag.

On December 26, Gaon announced that it decided to change its policy, saying "We decided to change the definition of music album from a copy that conforms with the copyright law or an offline album to a product that is sold by the bundle. G-Dragon's USB album which has caused controversy will be included in Gaon chart from next year, and we expect that various types of music albums will be released".

What do you think? In a word, Gaon had to change its policy just because of G-Dragon, the most popular and influential super star in the k-pop world. After Gaon announced that it decided not to count GD's USB as an album, it received a lot of public criticism because of its old-fashioned ideas. And Gaon couldn't stand the criticism because GD is an iconic star and the criticism was so criticism. You know, GD is considered as one of the most creative and innovative artists in the k-pop industry, and Gaon was pushed into a corner after devaluing the super star's USB album. Actually, if it had been anybody else, Gaon would not have thought of changing its policy.

Anyway, G-Dragon wrote another history.

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