Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

<Kpop Secret> (Full Edition) Amazon(Paperback): Amazon: iTunes: Kobo: -Unknown stories about kpop stars such as BTS, EXO, BIGBANG, TWICE, BLACKPINK and more -Korean stars' real personality -With whom and how they date -How much they earn Aren’t you curious about k-pop stars’ real personality? Aren’t you curious about unknown stories about them? Here’s what you’ve been waiting for! Kpop Secret is released! Welcome to the real world of k-pop. We tried to include all the secret stories about Korean entertainment industry in Kpop Secret. We want to share all the stories behind k-pop stars with fans all over the world.

Gallup's top 10 k-pop singers of 2017

1. IU (won 15.2 percent of the vote)

2. TWICE (won 9.1 percent of the vote)

3. Jang Yoon Jung (won 8.9 percent of the vote)

4. BTS (won 8.5 percent of the vote)

5. Yoon Jong Shin (won 7.3 percent of the vote)

6. Wanna One (won 7.1 percent of the vote)

7. EXO (won 5.7 percent of the vote)

8. BIGBANG (won 5.0 percent of the vote)

8. Lim Chang Jung (won 5.0 percent of the vote)

10. Lee Sun Hee (won 4.6 percent of the vote)


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