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The possibility of the reunion of Girls' Generation

You know, Girls' Generation's Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun have left the girl group and SM Entertainment. On October 10, SM Entertainment announced that the three members decided not to renew their contracts, admitting its breakup with them. And after that, Seohyun has established her own agency, while Echo Global Group, home to famous actor Daniel Henney announced that it made an exclusive contract with Sooyoung on November 10.

By the way, it's notable that Echo Global Group mentioned the possibility of the reunion of Girls' Generation through its announcement. It said "Since Sooyoung has been loved by many people as a member of Girls' Generation for a long time, we'll support her activities as a member of the girl group if all the conditions permit".

Well, it's unusual for an entertainment management agency to make such a statement. As you may know, there have been many k-pop idols who left their teams and made contracts with their new agencies, but just a few of the agencies said they'll support the idols' activities as members of their teams.

And before Echo Global Group's announcement, SM Entertainment and Seohyun said same thing, stating, "We're are not even thinking about the breakup of Girls' Generation".

What do you think it means? Of course, it could be just a lip service, but the crucial point to note is that SM and all the Girls' Generation members have the will to reunite. The members know they could become popular because they were members of Girls' Generation, and they feel gratitude for the team and their fans all over the world. Many idols who have left their teams couldn't reunite because they didn't want to and they didn't have the will to reunite, but, yeah, Girls' Generation members are different.

Of course, it is easier said than done, and it will be not easy for Girls' Generation members to reunite because Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun are not SM artists any more. However, one thing is certain. They'll willingly reunite by doing a special collaborative project some day if all the conditions permit.

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