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Lucid Fall says he can fully understand why G-Dragon released his album as an USB

You know, G-Dragon has been embroiled in a controversy due to the form of his new solo album. On June 8, 2017, he released his new solo album "Kwon Jiyong", while it's notable that the album was released as an USB, not as a CD. And the Korea Music Content Industry Association, which is currently running Gaon Chart said it's hard to admit GD's USB album as a music album, stating "It's just a tool to download music".

And about this, GD posted a long piece of writing on his SNS, saying "What's the problem? You can just judge whether an artist's work is an album or not by the decision made by someone we never know? From tape to CD, and from CD to download file. The appearance of music album has been changing again and again. What's important are melodies and lyrics which console many people and are remembered by many people for a long time".

Well, what do you think? It has been months since the USB album was released, and there still are many people who don't admit the album as a music album, but here's a musician who says he can fully understand why GD released his album as an USB.

You may have never heard of Lucid Fall, but he is quite a famous musician in Korea, and he is considered as one of innovative Korean musicians. He's sold his album with tangerines on the home shopping channel about 2 years ago, and his 8th full album that was released on October 30, 2017, is contained in his book, while the album (or book) is being sold at bookstores.

So, Lucid Fall recently gave an interview to Korean media outlets to promote his new album and talked about his innovative ways of releasing albums. And the musician mentioned about G-Dragon's USB album too. Check out what he said.

I think CD has become a white elephant. There are many people who don't have a CD player these days, and what's more miserable is that the sound quality of CD is not that great. That's why I've been in a dilemma. As a musician, I couldn't ask people to buy my albums because, you know, they don't even have a CD player and they can just buy a digital music. So, as a musician, I can fully understand why G-Dragon released his album as an USB. I know some people say they can't admit the USB album as a music album because it's not a physical object which contains music but just a tool to download music, but think about it, music itself is not a physical object. What I can say for sure is that there have been new trends of music album, and music album has been evolving.

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