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Tablo says "Lost One" is a song for youngsters like BTS

Epik High is back. The hip hop group released its 9th full album "We've done something wonderful" on October 23. And on October 24, Epik High gave an interview to various Korean media outlets and talked about its new album.

Well, including Tablo, who majored in English and English literature at Stanford University, the Epik High members are very smart and they gave great answers to reporters' questions. They gave reporters a detailed explanation of their new album, providing a listening guide for the album.

I'm sure Epik High is one of the best interviewees among k-pop singers because the members are not only smart but also very humorous. During their interview, the experienced k-pop musicians usually use jokes to ease tension.

Anyway, at the interview, Tablo mentioned about BTS while he was explaining about his new song "Lost One". For BTS fans, I introduce his comments about BTS. Check out what he said.

There have been some people who said they decided to become musicians because of us. For example, I've watched the video in which BTS members said they became interested in music and dreamed of becoming singers after listening to our song "FLY". It still lives in my memory, and when I wrote "Lost One", I wanted to offer words of consolation to those who became interested in music because of us. And actually, we're currently learning to dance from Suga of BTS to perform BTS' hit "FIRE" at our concert. Well, we're trying our best, but it's really hard to dance to the song. Before we started practicing, Suga told us that our bones may get broken, haha.

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