PD of "Party People" says Suzy became more relaxed than before

Suzy will make an appearance on SBS' "Party People". The female k-pop star has recently finished filming the show, and the episode will be broadcast soon. You know, the show is hosted by Park Jin Young, and it is expected that Suzy will show great chemistry with the CEO of her agency, JYP Entertainment.

So, are you curious about how Suzy did while filming the show? Check out what the producer of the show talked about Suzy.

Suzy did a cover of Yoon Jongshin's song "Like it". She changed the lyrics, and she sang the female version of the song. I was impressed that she became more relaxed than before. I'm sure she's become mature as a musician. It seemed she never felt pressured to get good results. Instead, she gave greater significance in doing her best. During the recording of the show, she talked about her new drama and acting career too. You know, she's known Park Jin Young for a long time, and she talked candidly with him.

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