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K-pop critics say BTS revitalized the industry

BTS' popularity clearly shows no sign of waning. After releasing its new album "LOVE YOURSELF 承-Her" on September 18, BTS proved its huge popularity by sitting high on the Billboard 200 and the Hot 100, while the boy group also sold more than 1.2 million copies of its album, becoming the first ever k-pop artist with album sales of over 1.2 million copies since legendary k-pop group god sold about 1.4 million copies of its album in 2001.

Many people in the k-pop industry are now saying BTS writing a new page in the k-pop history, and the boy group is certainly taking center stage as the most popular k-pop idol group. And it seems like many people in the k-pop industry are greatly encouraged by BTS' huge success because it could give a boost to the industry.

So, check out what k-pop critics tell about BTS and the boy group's huge success.

Lim Jinmo (music critic)
No doubt, BTS have established themselves as the industry leader. What's most remarkable about BTS is that the boy group revitalized the k-pop industry. Before BTS achieved such a success, the popular conception was that the k-pop industry was on the skids. The thing we need to take note is that BTS could achieve a great success because of their hard work. All the members including Rap Monster, who is the centerpiece of the team have good characters, and they make their own music. And their dance moves are great too. And it's also a positive factor that all the members are evenly loved by their fans.

Kang Moon (music critic)
The greatest strength of BTS is their music. They commune with teenagers and people in their 20s by expressing general themes such as youth and love in a refined way. And they also tackle social issues, arousing sympathy from many people. Especially, they gain respect from their fans because they show that they're totally different from the other k-pop idols by writing lyrics inspired by famous literary works such as "Demian" and "1Q84".

Kim Eana (lyric writer)
Generally speaking, it is harder to write lyrics of dance music than to write lyrics of ballad songs. But, lyrics of BTS' dance songs are amazing. The lyrics are full of implications and are very rhythmical. That's not all. The lyrics have great narrative power and reflect BTS' strong personality.

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