The reason why IU decided to delay the release of her new album

On September 24, Fave Entertainment, home to IU, announced that the female singer decided to delay the release of her new album "Flower Bookmark 2". You know, IU has already released her new songs through various online music sites on September 22, but her physical album is not released yet. The physical album, which was originally scheduled to be released on September 25 will be released in mid-October. Fave Entertainment just explained that they had to delay the release of the album due to technical problems, but there's a story behind it.

"Flower Bookmark 2" is IU's second remake album, and through the album, IU did a remake of Kim Kwang Seok's "Willing to forget", a song which was originally released in 1992.

Do you know who Kim Kwang Seok is? He is a legendary folk singer who has numerous hits. But, in 1996, the legendary singer's sudden death caught many by surprise. He was only 32 and at the height of his fame. Police concluded it was suicide but speculation abounded that his wife Seo Hae Soon murdered him.

By the way, almost 30 years after his death, the death of his daughter, Kim Seo Yeon, rekindles that speculation. The prosecution recently announced it will investigate his daughter’s death, accepting the family’s request.

Police confirmed Kim Seo Yeon had been dead since 2007 and said she had died of acute pneumonia. For a long time her mother said her daughter was living in the U.S. The daughter’s death is critical because she inherited the copyright to all of her father’s songs upon his death and it indicates the mother deliberately kept her death secret for so long. Kim’s family claims the mother kept it secret to keep the money flowing into her pocket, and even that she killed her daughter who was believed to have suffered a developmental disability.

So, in this situation, IU decided to exclude Kim Kwang Seok's song from her album because copyright fees for the song could go to the wrong person. The smart and thoughtful female star wanted to avoid any possible problems. Of course, she felt sorry for her fans who have to wait a few more weeks to get her new album, but, yeah, she thought she had to do the right thing.

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