Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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[Interview] Yoona says she's Girls' Generation forever

Q. You look great with short hair.
Yoona: I cut my hair in a bob-type style when we released "Genie" and it has been about 8 years since then. Some people asked me if I had a change of heart, but it's not true. I cut my hair because my hair was in bad condition. And actually, I've wanted to have short hair. I wanted to try something new. All the Girls' Generation members said I look great with my new hairstyle.

Q. So, "The King Loves" was your first ever Korean historical drama. Wasn't it hard for you to play in the drama?
Yoona: Many people ask if I feel sorry about the drama's low ratings. Of course, I would feel great if my drama got high ratings, but you know, many things fall short of our expectations. There's one thing certain, though. I've learned a lot by appearing in the drama.

Q. In the drama, you're torn between love and friendship. Which do you choose, love or friendship?
Yoona: That's a tough question. My answer may vary depending on who they are.

Q. It has been 10 years since you debuted. Will you focus more on your activities as an actress than on your activities as a member of Girls' Generation?
Yoona: It depends. I'm not sure when Girls' Generation will be back, but one thing is certain. I'm Girls' Generation forever.

Q. Girls' Generation recently received a great deal of attention by appearing in "Knowing Bros".
Yoona: We really enjoyed filming the program, and I think we showed our real selves through the program. You know, we have a lot of experience as a 10-year girl group, and that's why we could do well. And I felt really comfortable because I was with the other Girls' Generation members. 

Q. So do you feel different when you're without the Girls' Generation members?
Yoona: When I film my drama alone, it's so quiet and I feel bored. But when I'm with the Girls' Generation members, I laugh a lot and there are many fun things.

Q. I heard that you recently visited Lim Siwan, who has joined the army.
Yoona: Yeah, I visited him with other actors who appeared in "The King Loves". He saluted and acted like a real soldier. He said he couldn't watch our drama, though. I presented my autographed CDs to him. I hope that helps him a little.

Q. It's notable that you're still maintaining a very close relationship with actors who filmed the drama together with. 
Yoona: Yeah, I'm so lucky to work with a lot of good people. I've really gained a lot by appearing in the drama.

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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!