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[Interview] BTS members say Jimin has changed the most since their debut

Q. Is there some reason why you chose "Love yourself" as the main message of your new album?
Rap Monster: If you don't love yourself, you can never love others. These days, many people don't know how to love themselves because they don't have enough time to look at themselves. You know, they're always on their smart phones. We're not confident that we really love ourselves, but we want to get the answer through our "Love yourself" series.
Jungkook: We flew up with "Wings", and we want to spread love with "Love yourself".

Q. Your new album "LOVE YOURSELF 承 Her" is the first part of your "Love yourself" series. But "承" means the second part.
Suga: Yeah, but I heard that "承" means a state of being immersed in love. That's why we named the album "LOVE YOURSELF 承 Her", and the album includes many songs which are about a moment of immersion.

Q. Tell me about the title track "DNA".
Rap Monster: It's a EDM pop song. In the song, you'll find something new that no k-pop singers have ever tried. And the song is about the beginning stage of love. "We're destined to be together" is the main message of the song.
Jin: We put our DNA into the song.

Q. It's notable that various famous foreign musicians such as The Chainsmokers and Jaycen Joshua took part in your new album.
Rap Monster: Yeah, The Chainsmokers invited us to their rehearsal, and we worked with them. We made several songs together, but "Best of me" was the best. And Jaycen Joshua took part in making "MIC Drop". The song is inspired by Obama. You know, the former president dropped his mic after giving a speech last year, and it made headlines.

Q. At Seo Taiji's 25th anniversary special concert, the legendary singer said "It's BTS' era". Do you agree with him?
Rap Monster: Well, I think we're just receiving so many benefits. Many senior idol groups have introduced k-pop to the whole world, and we can be who we are thanks to them.
Jin: When we practiced with him, he was so nice and kind to us. He said we can call him "father". So, we were "Seo Taiji and sons", not "Seo Taiji and boys".

Q. How do you usually make your albums?
Suga: We usually have many meetings with music producers who work for Big Hit Entertainment. We share ideas, and we talk about concepts of our new albums. And personally, I write my own songs periodically.
Rap Monster: Just like Suga said, we have numerous meetings. We share all the things.

Q. You've tackled school bullying and rejected society’s ideals, challenging societal norms, while most of k-pop idol groups do not take such an approach. So, do you always try to deliver meaningful messages to your fans?
Rap Monster: There are so many fans who give support to us, and we feel responsible. Of course, they can just enjoy our music, but we want to influence them for good.
Suga: I think music is a great thing because we can change people through our music. I hope all the people who listen to our music will be happy.

Q. You will hold your concert at the Osaka Kyocera Dome in October.
Jimin: Yeah, we've been looking forward to hold our concert at the dome since we debuted. Actually, it still doesn't feel real. We know there are so many people who are giving support to us, and we'll do our best in return for their love.

Q. How does it feel to have about 1.1 million copies of your album pre-ordered?
Suga: I was really surprised after hearing about the news. I want to thank our fans for giving such a great support to us.

Q. Park Jihoon of Wanna One said his role model is V. V, what do you feel about it?
V: I'm so thankful. And personally, I want to become a jazz R&B vocalist who can cover a variety of genres of music.

Q. Which member do you think has changed the most since you debuted?
Rap Monster: It's Jimin. He became more handsome.
V: Yeah, you can get what we mean if you see his past photos, haha.
Suga: He became more mature.

Q. What's your goal?
Rap Monster: We want to enter Billboard's Hot 100, but we don't know what's next. You know, when we just debuted, we never imagined we would achieve so many things as a k-pop idol group. We don't really know the future.

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