Girls' Generation's Yoona, Hong Jonghyun and more to visit Lim Siwan next week

It has been about 2 months since Lim Siwan joined the army last July. Do you miss him? By the way, do you remember what he said just before his enlistment? Yeah, he said "I'm never afraid of joining the army. Why? Because Yoona will must visit me. I'm sure she will be the first person to visit me. That's why I'm looking forward to joining the army". And at the time, Yoona said she will.

So, it's time for Yoona to keep the promise. According to actor Park Young Woon, who has appeared in "The King Loves" with Lim Siwan and Yoona, various actors of the drama will visit Lim Siwan next week. Check out what the actor said.

As "The King Loves" is a pre-produced drama, we've already finished filming the drama. However, I'm still maintaining a close relationship with actors who filmed the drama together with. A total of 12 actors including Hong Jonghyun, Yoona, Kim Kyungjin and me often meet each other and have a good time together. We have a gathering at least twice a month. We eat together, and we go bowling. And we meet in an online chat room too. We decided to visit Lim Siwan next week.

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