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Baekhyun and Chen say EXO is a k-pop idol group who fights the least

Which k-pop idol group do you think has the best team work? Well, there could be many different opinions, but according to Baekhyun and Chen of EXO, the 6th-year boy group has the best team work, and that's why the team has been on a roll in the world of k-pop. Check out what Baekhyun and Chen talked about their team work.

I feel totally different when I'm not with the EXO members. I feel as if I lost my power. When I filmed my drama, I felt lonely even though all the actors were kind and nice to me. I missed my friends. We usually drink together and have a real talk. By doing so, we could build our team work, and I'm sure we're a k-pop idol group who fights the least. And personally, I envy Kai's great figure. He has a wonderful body line.

When I perform alone on stage, I always feel the absence of the other members. Especially, when I appeared in "King of mask singer", it was really hard for me to do all the things alone. I really missed the members because I can lean on them when I'm with them. Personally, I envy Sehun's cool personality. I think he's the coolest member, and he's much cooler in the flesh than on TV. Suho is the complete opposite of Sehun, by the way. Suho is so delicate and he always takes good care of the other members.

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