Actress Lee Yehyun says she's a big fan of EXO Kai and was so nervous while filming "Andante" with him

EXO's Kai is going to launch an acting career. The idol star will make an appearance in KBS' upcoming new drama "Andante". Yeah, it's not his first time to make an appearance in a drama, but it's notable that it's the first time for him to play the title role in a drama of a major Korean broadcasting company. As "Andante" is a pre-produced drama, Kai has already finished filming the drama, and it is expected that the talented idol will show impressive acting performance in the drama. Are you looking forward to the drama?

Well, do you know who the leading actress of the drama is, then? It's Lee Yehyun. You might not have heard about her because she is a rookie and she's not popular yet. But she's pretty, and she's talented too. She will play Kai's younger sister in the drama. By the way, according to the actress, she is a big fan of Kai, and that's why she was so nervous when she filmed the drama with him. Check out what she talked about Kai in her recent interview.

You know, I'm a rookie, and I was just dazed while filming the drama. And actually, I was really nervous when I acted with Kai because I've been a big fan of him for a long time. I really tried to calm myself down. Of course, I became comfortable with him later. We filmed the drama in winter, and we suffered from frigid temperatures. By the way, Kai gave me a hand warmer. I could feel his warm heart. I'm worried EXO fans will hate me because I hit and harass Kai in our drama, haha.

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