The reason why PD of "I live alone" was surprised after visiting Taeyang's house

BIGBANG's Taeyang, who recently released his new solo album will make an appearance on MBC's "I live alone". The idol star has finished filming the program, and the episode will be broadcast on August 18.

"I live alone" is a program that shows the life of entertainers who live alone, and it is the first time for Taeyang, who has appeared in a reality program "Real Sound by Taeyang" in 2010 to open his house on TV. You know, Taeyang has been not that active in TV shows, and his appearance in "I live alone" must be a great present for his fans.

Then, are you curious about how Taeyang spends his time at home? Check out what the producer of "I live alone" talked about it.

You know, Taeyang is a super star, and I thought he must live in a very luxurious house. However, I was wrong. His house was like that of old couple, haha. He said he regards his house as a place to rest because he has busy overseas schedule and he usually does not stay at home. Of course, he lives in a great house, but it was not a palatial residence. And what surprised me was the fact that there were no photos of him in his house. You know, celebrities usually decorate their houses with pictures of themselves. But Taeyang didn't decorate his house with his CDs and trophies either even though he has so many hit songs and has won numerous trophies. It was quite unexpected. While filming the program, we called him "Grandpa" because he preferred the relaxed pace of life. He liked to wear pajamas. And unlike most of people who live alone, he didn't like delivery foods. He learned to cook, and he liked to eat the right food.

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