The reason why IU didn't go to college

Years ago, most of famous k-pop singers entered colleges at 18. In Korea, a person's educational background is all-important, and the young singers entered colleges, just in case. Of course, some of them did their best and studied hard at their colleges, but frankly speaking, most of them were bad students because they couldn't attend their classes due to their hectic schedules.

By the way, as you may know, IU is one of the young k-pop singers who didn't enter college. She could have entered college if she had wanted to because she was already a very popular star when she was 18 years old and Korean colleges hope to admit famous stars to promote themselves. However, yeah, IU refused to be accepted by college.

Then, do you know why IU decided not to enter college? Well, basically, she didn't enter college because she thought she didn't need to, but that's not all. Check out what IU talked about the reason why she didn't enter college.

First of all, I didn't feel confident at all about taking College Scholastic Ability Test because I couldn't study at high school due to my hectic schedules. I did poorly in high school. And there was nothing I wanted to study and learn in college. Even if I was accepted by college, I couldn't attend my classes. Think about it. I couldn't attend my classes when I was a high school student. Do you think I can attend my classes at college? No. I thought it was waste of time. Actually, my mom wanted me to enter college because she couldn't enter college. She couldn't because she didn't have enough money. But, I promised her I would try harder than those who entered college. I promised her I would study hard about music, and she understood me. And actually, media outlets say I didn't enter college because I'm a person of upright character, but it's not true. I didn't enter college just because I was not a good student and I didn't feel confident about attending my classes.

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