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The director of "Memoir of a Murderer" says AOA Seolhyun is like a drawing paper

On August 8, a press conference for movie "Memoir of a Murderer" was held in Seoul. The film is about a retired murderer who got Alzheimer's, while Seol Kyungkoo, Kim Namgil, Oh Dalsoo and AOA's Seolhyun starred in the film. Well, I'm sure many fans of Seolhyun are looking forward to the movie. It will be the female idol star's second movie appearance, and she will play a murderer's daughter who dedicates herself to her father.

At the press conference, Seolhyun looked excited and nervous. She said "I painted blood on my face, and I had to run in my bare feet at the mountain too. It was my first experience of doing such things. Everyday was a challenge to me. I know the public has a preconceived view of me, but I want to break all the preconceptions".

I can't talk about how she did in the movie because the movie is not released yet, but it seems like she did good because the director of the movie praised highly on her acting performance. Check out what the director talked about Seolhyun.

Seolhyun is a famous idol, but there is a less well-known side to her. Even if she goes here and there at the movie set, nobody recognizes her. It is because she's immersed in her character and she really looks like the character. She's like a drawing paper. If I put a dot on her, the dot stands out in strong relief. That's why I'm so careful about giving directions to her, but that is her magnetism. At first, I was worried when I watched her pretty face in the monitor because her character should not be pretty. However, she did well. She made a lot of preparation for the movie, and she showed instinctive acting performance.


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