PD of "Knowing Bros" says BLACKPINK members are very pure and energetic

BLACKPINK has recently taken part in the recording of JTBC's popular show "Knowing Bros", and the episode will be broadcast soon. Are you looking forward to it? It is expected that the 4 attractive members will entertain viewers by giving off their unique charm because they did really great while recording the program, according to the program's producer. So, check out what the producer talked about BLACKPINK members.

BLACKPINK members didn't appear in many TV shows, but their pure reactions and innocent charm made all the people smile. They're really charming. Whenever they talked or reacted to what the members of "Knowing Bros" said, all the members gawked at them with smiles on their faces. They're really pure and innocent. They laughed readily. And they're very energetic too. They were not exhausted all the time. They did really great.

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