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PD of "Age of Youth" says Onew was the best actor he had ever met and he felt sorry about him

On August 22, a press conference for JTBC's new drama "Age of Youth" was held in Seoul. By the way, as you may know, SHINee's Onew originally planned to appear in the drama but he dropped out of the drama because of his sexual harassment scandal. The idol star was accused of sexually harassed a woman in a club on August 12, and the police decided to prosecute him even though the woman has dropped charges against him.

So, at the press conference, the producer of "Age of Youth" was asked how he thinks about Onew's matter and why actor Lee Yoojin was chosen to replace the idol star. Check out what the producer said.

I'm sorry that happened to Onew, and it's true that the production crew once fell into disorder, but I think we're doing good. We can get over a difficulty with our great team work. I feel really sorry about Onew, though. He was the best actor he had ever met. He did everything enthusiastically, and that's why I liked him. And before casting Onew in the role, I'd met dozens of actors. Lee Yoojin was one of them, he did great. He was a strong candidate for the role. So, I called him right after hearing what happened to Onew, and the actor readily accepted my proposal.

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