Han Seohee insisted that BIGBANG's TOP suggested her to smoke marijuana

You know, on July 20, BIGBANG TOP's final trial was held at the Seoul Central District Court, and as a result, he was given a 10-month jail sentence suspended for two years. And the prosecution imposed him to pay 12,000 won in restitution for his crime. He could lodge an appeal against the decision of the court within in a week, but he didn't.

Then, how about the female trainee who smoked marijuana with TOP? Yeah, Han Seohee, who has appeared in MBC's audition program "Great Birth".

She smoked marijuana with TOP at his house a total of 4 times in October, 2016. And other than that, she smoked marijuana 3 more times in 2016, while she also tried LSD(lysergic acid diethylamide). Unlike TOP, who doesn't have previous convictions for smoking marijuana, she was placed under arrest right after being charged with smoking marijuana. And as a result, he was given a 3-year jail sentence suspended for four years. And the prosecution imposed her to pay 870,000 won in restitution for his crime.

However, unlike TOP, who didn't lodge an appeal against the decision of the court because he deeply regretted what he did and felt ashamed of himself, Han Seohee appealed against a court decision. And on August 18, she attended her trial and requested for favorable arrangements.

By the way, after the trial, she made people surprised because she insisted that she was falsely charged and TOP was the one who suggested her to smoke marijuana. Check out what she said.

I deeply regret what I did, but I've never suggested him to smoke marijuana. He suggested me to smoke marijuana, and the electronic cigarette was not mine either. He took the cigarette from his pants, and I didn't even know that it was marijuana. I can understand him because he has much to lose. That's why he shifted the responsibility to me. It's unfair, but I'll just tough it out because nobody would trust me.

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