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Actress Kim Yoonhye says she could enjoy filming BIGBANG's MV thanks to Daesung

Which is your favorite among all the music videos of BIGBANG? Well, all of them are great, but the music video of "Let's not fall in love" is really great. The 5 members show very impressive acting performance, while the shots are pretty and perfectly fit with the lyrics.

By the way, do you remember the 5 girls who appeared in the music video as BIGBANG members' girlfriends? Yeah, the pretty 5 girls. One of them is Kim Yoonhye, and she played Daesung's girlfriend. The actress, who has changed her name from Woori to Kim Yoonhye debuted as a model when she was only 12 years old and is well known for her mysterious appeal and nice figure. She recently commented about her appearance in the music video of "Let's not fall in love". Check out what she said.

I really enjoyed filming the music video with Daesung. It was short time, but it was good recollection really. At that time I was filming my movie "Because I love you", and I was worried about filming the music video at dawn, but I could finish it so well thanks to Daesung. I had never met him before, but I felt comfortable working with him because he had a nice personality and was so funny. I really enjoyed working with him. Even though we played lovers, there was no awkwardness, no discomfort.

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