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Zico says he's never thought of himself as a genius

Zico is back. On July 12, the rapper held a press conference for his new solo album "Television" in Seoul. Check out what he talked about the album.

Q. Why did you name your new album "Television".
Zico: You know, television televises myself, and people watch me on television. The album contains stories about myself before being televised. That's why I named the album "Television".

Q. Tell me about your double title tracks, "Artist" and "Anti".
Zico: "Artist" contains a message that we should express ourselves and be the heroes of our lives. I think many people are exhausted these days. I wanted to send a good message to them and cheer them up. That's why I wrote the song when I was in a good mood. And when I wrote "Anti", I myself became am anti fan of Zico. It's all fiction, but I wanted to bring up such a subject. I tried to curse myself, and the interesting thing was that it was so easy for me curse myself.

Q. The album has a song titled "Genius" too. Do you think you are a genius?
Zico: No, I've never thought of myself as a genius. I think I'm just able to expand my small talent. That's what I can do.

Q. What did you care about the most when you worked on the album?
Zico: I always care much about arrangement. This time, I was inspired by songs which have future sounds, and I wanted to harmonize analog and digital sounds.

Q. Block B's U-Kwon made an appearance in the music video of "Artist".
Zico: Well, Block B means a lot to me. We care about and support each other. There is a strong sense of community among us. When I asked U-Kwon to appear in the music video, he readily accepted it.

Q. It's notable that the album also includes a song titled "FANXY CHILD", which is a name of your music crew.
Zico: Yeah, FANXY CHILD is comprised of young artists who were born in 1992 such as Crush, Dean, Penomeco and myself. We're friends, and we also look in the same direction as musicians. I think there will be many things we can do together.

Q. Tell me about your future plan.
Zico: Even though I released my new solo album, there still are so many new songs that are not released yet. Please look forward to my new projects a lot. And through my new album, I want to show you that I'm always trying hard to develop myself.

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