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Sulli and Suzy are victims of terrible movie "Real"

Popular actor Kim Soohyun's new movie "Real" was released on June 28, while much attention was focused on the movie because the handsome actor play a double role in the movie for the first time since he debuted.

However, "Real" is receiving harsh reviews from the critics. The critics are saying the movie is rubbish.

Actually, as I said before, there have been some problems about making of "Real" since last year. Kim Soohyun filmed the movie from January 2016 to June 2016, and movie director Lee Jung Seob directed the movie. By the way, Lee Jung Seob was suddenly replaced by another movie director Lee Sarang for no reason. The problem was that Lee Sarang is Kim Soohyun's cousin and he could become the director of "Real" even though he has no experience in directing a movie. Well, as a result, the rookie director, who has poor directing ability ruined the film. He's now living with Kim Soohyun.

By the way, the bigger problem is that Kim Soohyun and Lee Sarang are not victims of the terrible movie. They've attracted investment from China, and they got paid enough.

The first victim of the movie is Sulli, who did a nude scene in the movie. Sulli, who was an idol and has never filmed a nude scene decided to do the erotic nude scene after much consideration. However, as the movie was too terrible, her efforts didn't pay off.

Actually, Sulli received love calls from various dramas and movies after she left f(x) because people in the Korean film and drama industry thought she is different from the other ordinary female idols and she has a mysterious appeal. However, after she appeared in "Real", it seems like many people in the Korean film industry considers her just as a pretty actress who doesn't mind taking off her clothes.

A variety of famous stars who made a cameo appearance in "Real" are victims of the movie too. Suzy, IU, Dasom, Kyungri, Sohee and more made a guest appearance in the movie, but they couldn't be rewarded for their efforts due to the rookie director's poor directing ability. Audiences even can't find most of the stars in the movie.

Especially, Suzy is the biggest victim because she appeared in the movie as a sexy tattooist with a cigarette in her mouth, while she had to do the makeup for her tattoos for long hours. She readily accepted Kim Soohyun's proposal because of her friendship with the actor, and yeah, their friendship is great, but the movie should have treated her better. Suzy, a super star who has to manage a series of tight schedules wasted her time because of the terrible movie.

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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!