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PD of "People you may know" says Girls' Generation Sooyoung is an earnest actress

Girls' Generation's Sooyoung has appeared in some dramas including "My spring days" and "Squad 38", and yeah, she did great. She showed stable acting performance, and she played her characters with great emotion too. That's why she is one of the most sought after idol stars among drama producers.

So, check out what the producer of JTBC's web drama "People you may know" talked about Sooyoung. He praised highly on her acting, and the drama will begin to air on July 31.

I wasn't acquainted with Sooyoung before casting her. However, a casting director who is close to me recommended Sooyoung as the leading actress of the drama. At first, I was doubtful about her ability, but all the worries has disappeared as soon as I met her. She is an earnest actress, and she dreams of becoming a great actress. When she was a trainee, she enjoyed watching plays alone. She always studies about her character, and she gives various ideas. And when she filmed the drama, she was so energetic even though she had to manage a series of tight schedules. It seems like she feels ownership in her drama. And even though she is a member of Girls' Generation, the most popular k-pop girl group, she got along well with all the staff members. She talked with them, and she ate with them. She really has a nice personality.

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