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Lim Siwan says he's never afraid of joining the army because Yoona will be the first person to visit him

On July 3, a press conference for MBC's new drama "The King Loves" was held in Seoul. Leading actors of the drama such as Lim Siwan, Yoona and Hong Jonghyun attended the event, while it was notable that the young actors looked like they're very close to each other. Lim Siwan escorted Yoona when the Girls' Generation member came on the stage, and the two acted as if they're real lovers when they posed for the camera. And when they talked to reporters, they showed great affection for each other too. Check out what they said.

In the drama, I'm loved by the two actors. And actually, they always cared about me even when we were not filming the drama. They adored me, and they gave great support to me. Both of them are like their characters in the drama. Especially, I've learned a lot from Lim Siwan oppa. You know, both of us are idols, but I don't have much experience in acting. I think he is the best actor among all the idols. Will I visit him after his enlistment? Yes, of course. We talked about it in our chat room, and we will visit him with our costumes on if our drama will be very successful.

Lim Siwan
I will join the army soon, and "The King Loves" is my last drama before my enlistment. Well, I feel happy about it because I didn't waste time on meaningless tasks. My thought on joining the army? I feel like I'm finally solving delayed works. I feel relieved. And I'm never afraid of joining the army? Why? Because Yoona will must visit me. I'm sure she will be the first person to visit me. That's why I'm looking forward to joining the army.

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