Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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IU recognized Lim Seulong's voice as soon as he appeared on "King of Mask Singer"

2AM's Lim Seulong has been cast in his first ever musical "Mata Hari", and he recently gave an interview to some of Korean media outlets to promote the musical. By the way, he mentioned about IU, one of his best friends at the interview too. You know, Lim Seulong and IU sang "Nagging" together in 2010, and they've be on intimate terms. Check out what Lim Seulong talked about IU.

The musical began last month, and before appearing in the musical, I was very nervous because it is my first ever musical. Actually, I've received love calls from some musicals before, but I didn't accept the proposals because I was not confident. However, I've changed my mind because I've learned a lot while working on my album and I wanted new challenge. Actually, the director of "Mata Hari" told me that he decided to cast after watching "King of Mask Singer". When I appeared on the program, I was nervous, but it was interesting. I felt great when I took off my mask. By the way, as soon as the program went on the air, IU and Cho Hyuna of Urban Zakapa called me. My friends are singers, and they recognized my voice as soon as I appeared on the program. I can't cheat them.

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