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Famous kpop lyric writer Kim Eana says she's inspired by G-Dragon and Tablo

Have you heard about Kim Eana? She's a very famous k-pop lyric writer who has written lyrics of a variety of popular k-pop songs such as IU's "You & I", "Good Day" and Brown Eyed Girls' "Abracadabra". She earns over a hundred million won (about 90,000 USD) a year, and yeah, she is the richest among all the k-pop lyric writers.

By the way, it seems like the no.1 k-pop lyric writer is also influenced by other great musicians. On July 10, Kim Eana made an appearance on SBS Love FM's "Two Men Show" and said she's inspired by two talented hip hop musicians, G-Dragon and Tablo. Check out what she said.

I'm inspired by G-Dragon and Tablo. Lyrics writers have rules about spacing words, but GD himself brakes the rules and creates a brand new style. I'm absolutely inspired by such a style. And Tablo usually uses literary words even though most of lyric writers write in a colloquial style to make their lyrics rhythmical. The surprising thing is that Tablo uses literary words but his lyrics are very rhythmical.


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