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Did EXO really copy BTS' music videos?

EXO made a successful comeback. The boy group released its new song "Ko Ko Bop" on July 21 and has been maintaining the top spot on a variety of music charts. By the way, you know, EXO recently became embroiled in unexpected plagiarism charges. Some of BTS fans are insisting that the music video of "Ko Ko Bop" is similar to BTS' music videos, claiming that EXO certainly copied BTS' music videos of "I Need U" and "Run".

The pictures below show how EXO's music video is similar to BTS' music videos.

Well, what do you think? It's true that the scenes look similar. Then, do you think EXO really copied BTS' music videos? No, never.

A variety of different music videos include such scenes, while BTS is not the first idol group who filmed such scenes. In addition, "Ko Ko Bop" is a song which is totally different from "I Need U" and "Run". The songs are different genres of music and contain different messages. Other than the two scenes, yeah, EXO's music video is totally different from BTS' music videos.

And actually, there is no reason for EXO and SM Entertainment to copy BTS' music videos. SM is the biggest k-pop agency which has plenty of capital, and it has many experts who can make high quality music video too. When I asked a person who works for SM about the plagiarism controversy, he gave a snort.

Nevertheless, it seems like some BTS fans really believe that EXO copied BTS' music videos. Yeah, some EXO fans also have blamed BTS before, insisting BTS copied EXO's contents, but what I want to tell both of the popular boy groups' fans is that they should respect each other if they're real fans of the groups.

EXO and BTS are two of the most popular k-pop boy groups, and there could be a sense of rivalry between them, but they never hate each other. They respect each other, and each is doing their best. And actually, they're very close to each other. So, their fans do not need to do a hatchet job on one another. Are you EXO-L? EXO never wants you to slander BTS. Are you ARMY? BTS never wants you to slander EXO.

EXO and BTS are totally different boy groups, and each has their own musical characteristics. EXO doesn't want to be like BTS, and BTS doesn't want to be like EXO, which means there is no reason for them to copy each other's contents. Just please enjoy their music and support them if you are a real fan of EXO or BTS.

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