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BLACKPINK's Lisa changes the trend of k-pop industry

BLACKPINK is enjoying great popularity in the world of k-pop. After making a very successful debut with "Whistle" and "Boombayah" in August 2016, the girl group's popularity has been growing sharply with "Playing with fire", "Stay" and "As if it's your last" in three consecutive hits. No doubt, BLACKPINK is now one of the most popular and influential young k-pop girl groups.

By the way, that's not all. The notable thing is that the girl group's Thai member Lisa has changed the trend of k-pop industry.

There have been many foreign idols in the k-pop industry, but most of them are from China, Japan or western countries. There are some reasons for it. K-pop agencies preferred idols from China and Japan because they look like Koreans, while they can play a big role in making Chinese and Japanese fans too. You know, China and Japan have huge music markets. And some of k-pop agencies preferred idols from western countries because the agencies liked their exotic looks. There was the perception among k-pop agencies that idols from Southeast Asia can't gain popularity among Koreans.

However, Lisa proved that idols from Thailand can do it too. Of course, Nichkhun of 2PM and BamBam of GOT7 are also from Thailand, but it's notable that Lisa is a female idol. She has opened up new possibilities. She is now one of the most popular female idols among Korean males.

So, after Lisa achieved a great success in the k-pop world, many of k-pop agencies began to look for talented would be singers in Southeast Asia. Yeah, they're looking for the next Lisa or the next Nichkhun.

Check out what a person who works for YG Entertainment talked about Lisa

Thailand is one of the most important markets for k-pop. However, when we cast Lisa, we didn't think about such a thing. It was not a strategic decision to cast her. She could become a member of BLACKPINK because she was talented and competent enough to be a k-pop idol.

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