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BIGBANG's TOP didn't lodge an appeal against the decision of the court

BIGBANG's TOP, who has been charged with smoking marijuana and said he will gladly accept any punishment didn't lodge an appeal against the decision of the court.

On July 20, BIGBANG TOP's final trial was held at the Seoul Central District Court, and as a result, he was given a 10-month jail sentence suspended for two years. And the prosecution imposed him to pay 12,000 won in restitution for his crime. He could lodge an appeal against the decision of the court within in a week, but he didn't, according to the court officials on July 28.

Why do you think TOP didn't lodge an appeal against the decision of the court, then? Well, basically, it's because he deeply regrets what he did and feels ashamed of himself. He knows he did a great wrong and disappointed his fans bitterly. According to the officials, he feels so sorry for all the people who've been supporting him for a long time. He didn't want to disappoint people around him again by lodging an appeal against the decision of the court.

And actually, TOP could get a lighter sentence because he admitted all the charges and deeply regretted what he did. At his final trial, the judge said "He needs to be punished severely because he is a very popular person and his wrongdoing could have a bad influence on society. However, we decided to reduce his sentence because he admitted all the charges and he deeply regrets what he did".

Anyway, I hope TOP will make a comeback in good health after having time for self-restraint and self-reflection.

Meanwhile, TOP will not go to jail, but the idol star, who was serving as a conscripted policeman before being charged with smoking marijuana has to be examined if he is qualified for a conscripted policeman. If he passes the examination, he returns to his unit, and if not, he has to fulfill military duty as a public service worker.

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