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Apink and Heize became intimate thanks to JYP

Apink and Heize will make an appearance in "Park Jin Young's Party People" soon. They have recently finished filming the program, and the episode will be broadcast on July 29. Both of them are very popular k-pop stars these days, and it is expected that they will entertain their fans by showing great performance and having a heart-to-heart talk.

By the way, according to the producer of "Park Jin Young's Party People", Apink and Heize, who were not acquainted with each other before filming the program could become very intimate thanks to Park Jin Young, the host of the program. Check out what the producer talked about it.

Park Jin Young is the host of the program but he is never bound by scripts. Instead, he just tries to have great time with guests. He is a person with a pure heart, and he's interested in people and music. He's not bound by the fact that he hosts a TV show. He just tries to communicate with guests with all his heart and soul. That's why Apink and Heize could enjoy filming the program and the two, who were not acquainted with each other could become very intimate after filming the program.


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