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Actor Kang Haneul hopes IU and Lee Som will visit him after his enlistment

Kang Haneul recently gave an interview to various Korean media outlets to promote his new movie "Midnight Runners" to be released soon. The handsome actor, who is well known for his great personality laughed readily and answered kindly to all the questions. Especially, it was impressive that he never lost his sense of smile even while talking about his upcoming enlistment.

You know, he will join the army this fall, while most of young Korean males do hate to join the army. But, the positive young actor never seemed to feel nervous about joining the army. Actually, he seemed to be very excited by the anticipation of his life in the army.(even though I can never understand him) He said "I'm looking forward to my life in the army because I will be able to meet so many interesting people. I will be happy to meet a variety of people".

However, no matter how positive and manly he is, he also hoped his close female friends will visit him after his enlistment just like any other ordinary young guys. Check out what he talked about it.

It was really great to act together with Park Seojoon in "Midnight Runners". We could become very intimate in a short period of time, and I could just enjoy filming the movie. He's always full of confidence, and he's really cool. I don't like to act together with males again and again, though, haha. You know, when I filmed "Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo", I acted with IU but she eventually became a couple with Lee Joongi in the drama. That's one reason why I hope no male entertainers will visit me after my enlistment. Males can never visit me. Instead, I hope IU and Lee Som will visit me. They should come visit me because I want to show off my friendship with them to people in the army, haha.

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