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10 kpop idols who said SHINee's Taemin is their role model

1. NCT Ten
I really like Taemin. He's my idol. I'll do my best to become like him.

2. NCT Haechan
Taemin is my role model. SHINee's "Replay" was my first ever k-pop song. It was like a destiny. In the morning, I got up so early before going to school, and I turned on the TV. And the music video of "Replay" was about to begin. Watching the music video, I thought I want to film such a great music video and show such a great performance.

3. SEVENTEEN Jeonghan
I like Taemin the most. Since his debut, he's been improving all the time even though he has already become a top star. I hope to learn that, and I want to improve my singing skills to become a helpful member for our team. I know I have to try really hard to become like Taemin.

4. Monsta X Kihyun
I want to exchange phone numbers with Taemin. He has a kind of mysterious vibe about him. Like if we greet with "Hello!", he will say "Hello~~", he seems to be very mysterious.

5. SNUPER Sangil
It was an honor to see Taemin in the flesh. His stage presence is like nothing I've ever seen before. I want to learn a lot from them. And I would be very happy if he celebrates my birthday because I respect him so much and he is my role model.

6. HISTORY Jang Yi Jeong
After watching Taemin's performance, I couldn't even say anything because it was so awesome. He is so sexy and handsome.

I really like Taemin. I watch all of his performances, and I read all of his interviews too. Just like he does on the stage, I want to show great performance.

8. VICTON Choi Byung Chan
I like BEAST, BIGBANG and SHINee, but I respect Taemin the most. He was a main dancer of SHINee when he just debuted, but it seems he became a main vocalist of SHINee. I heard that he practices really hard, and I want to learn that. He is really great.

9. BTL Jay
I was shocked when I watched Taemin's performance. I was motivated by it, and I hope to learn a lot from him.

10. ROMEO Kang Min
Taemin is my role model. When I watched his performance for "Sherlock", I was full of admiration. It was really awesome. When I saw Taemin in the flesh, I was both nervous and happy. I felt as if I met my Miss Right. 

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