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Things you didn't know about "PRODUCE 101 Season 2" trainees (Kang Daniel rejected big kpop agency's proposal years ago)

Kang Daniel, who has become the center of Wanna One was active as a b-boy in Busan before becoming a k-pop trainee. He was such a great dancer, and one of the biggest k-pop agencies wanted to make a contract with him. However, he rejected the proposal because he wanted to become a professional dancer, not an idol star at that time. But he changed his mind and moved to Seoul to become an idol. He was a trainee of Loen Entertainment and DSP Media before becoming MMO Entertainment's trainee.

JYP Entertainment, one of the biggest k-pop agencies didn't took part in "PRODUCE 101 Season 2". However, there were some trainees who were once JYP's trainees. They're Lee Daehui, Park Woojin, Kim Donghyun, Lee Kiwon and Woo Jinyoung. They've been close since they were trained together, and they supported each other while they were appearing in "PRODUCE 101 Season 2".

A variety of k-pop agencies took part in "PRODUCE 101 Season 2", and of course, they really hoped for the success of their own trainees. And some of them were so jealous of other agencies' trainees. However, there was an exception. All the agencies hoped for the success of 4 trainees of Pledis because Hwang Minhyun, Kim Jonghyun, Kang Dongho and Choi Minki debuted as members of NU'EST in 2012 but they couldn't become one of the hottest boy groups and were in a desperate situation. Many people in the k-pop industry are now congratulating the NU'EST members because they have gained great popularity through "PRODUCE 101 Season 2".

Joo Hakhyun belongs to Cre.ker Entertainment, and Kim Yongkook is Choon Entertainment's trainee. It seems like the two have nothing in common. However, they once lived together because Kin Yongkook was Cre.ker Entertainment's trainee before becoming a trainee of Choon Entertainment.

All the trainees who took part in "PRODUCE 101 Season 2" desperately wanted to become members of Wanna One. However, only 11 trainees could seized the chance to debut, and that's why they had to fiercely compete to survive. Actually, there was a trainee who cried tremendously after he failed to become the center of his group, but the production crew of "PRODUCE 101 Season 2" deleted the scene because they thought it could damage the image of the trainee and another trainee who was the center of the group.

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