T-ara to release an autobiographical ballad song

T-ara is going to sing about its 9 years of career.

According to the officials, T-ara will include an autobiographical song in its upcoming new album. The song is a ballad song which contains meaningful lyrics, and much attention is given to the song because the T-ara members have been through a lot since their debut in 2009.

The notable thing is that the members are currently putting a lot of effort into their new album. You know, they originally planned to make a comeback as a 6-member group, but Boram and Soyeon left the team and the rest 4 members, Qri, Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon had to record their new songs again. As the upcoming new album will be their first ever album since Boram and Soyeon left the team, the 4 members are working really hard on it to show the world that they can do it.

Meanwhile, T-ara will hold its comeback showcase on June 14.