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Super Junior's Sungmin should have treated his fans more nicely (Stay or Out Poll)

Super Junior will make a comeback within this year, but it seems like many fans don't want to see Sungmin being active as a member of the group any more.

On June 10, Super Junior's DC Inside fan community issued a statement about Sungmin. The fans asked Super Junior to kick the member out, stating, "When it was reported that he was dating his girlfriend, many fans congratulated him, but he ignored his fans and he didn't even try to communicate with his fans. He disappointed his fans, and we ask him to leave Super Junior because it's obvious that he will damage the team".

Sungmin married musical actress Kim Saeun in 2014. They became close after appearing in musical "The Three Musketeers" together. Well, it's not wrong to love somebody. And they're living happily together. However, the problem is that the idol star didn't treat his fans properly. He should have informed the fans of his marriage before it was reported by media but he didn't, and he didn't even try to communicate with the fans after his marriage. He was just busy enjoying his marriage life.

You know, idols can exist because of their fans. They can earn money and they can become famous thanks to their fans. What idols should know is that all they're enjoying are because of their fans' great support, not because of themselves. That's why idols always must care about their fans and try to requite their fans' love. And as they're enjoying a lot of things, they've got to give up some of their own privacy.

Actually, as the Super Junior members are very experienced idols and they know all the things I mentioned above, they opposed Sungmin's marriage and tried to persuade him. However, Sungmin didn't listen to them. Yeah, he was deeply in love.

Sungmin has been active in the k-pop world for a long time, and I want to side with him, but I can't this time. Yeah, he did it wrong. It seems that he will apologize to his fans before Super Junior will make a comeback, but it feels like it's too late. If his fans don't accept his apology and they want him to leave the team, of course, he should leave the team. Because, as I said, idols can exist because of their fans. It's all up to ELF.

So, what do you think? Do you think Sungmin should leave Super Junior?

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