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Reason why Park Bogum links his name with a love scandal with Jang Nara again and again

On June 23, Park Bogum denied the rumors of his romance of actress Jang Nara. On the day, the rumor spread that the actor is dating Jang Nara and they'll marry soon, but Park Bogum's agency denied the rumors, stating "The story is utterly without foundation".

By the way, as you may know, it's not the first time for Park Bogum to link his name with a love scandal with Jang Nara, with whom he has appeared in "I remember you" together in 2015. What do you think is the reason why Park Bogum links his name with a love scandal with Jang Nara again and again, then?

It's true Park Bogum and Jang Nara are very close to each other. By the way, they're two of the sweetest celebrities in the Korean entertainment world. They're goodhearted, and they're always kind to people around them. All the people who have worked with them say they've never seen them angry. So, think about it. The two goodhearted celebrities always care about each other and act nice to each other because they're very close and they're kindhearted. Seen from a distance, yeah, they look like they're lovers. In addition, as Jang Nara looks much younger than her age (She's 12 years older than Park Bogum), some people understand that they're real lovers.

Anyway, I guarantee you. It's ridiculous that Park Bogum and Jang Nara are dating. They're just close friends.

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