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Reason why Jung Ryeo Won denied her romantic relationship with Nam Tae Hyun so quickly

On June 13, it was reported that Jung Ryeo Won and Nam Tae Hyun are dating. According the report, Nam Tae Hyun visited the actress, who are currently filming her new movie "Gate" and waited to see her for a long time late at night. However, Keyeast, home to Jung Ryeo Won denied her romantic relationship with the former WINNER member, stating, "It's not true they're lovers. Her friends including Nam Taehyun and Son Dambi just visited her to support her".

You know, it was the third time that Jung Ryeo Won and Nam Tae Hyun linked their names with a love scandal, but the actress denied it every time. Especially, it's notable that she denied her romantic relationship with Nam Tae Hyun so quickly every time. It usually takes some time for agencies to make an official announcement about their artists' scandals, but Keyeast did it so quickly.

Well, apart from whether they're really dating or not, there are some reasons why Jung Ryeo Won denied her romantic relationship with Nam Tae Hyun so quickly.

First, she is the one who hates to reveal her private life to the public. Second, Nam Taehyun is an idol and she doesn't want to do harm to him, who is very close to her. Third, She is 13 years older than Nam Taehyun, and there are still many old fashioned people in Korea who blame a woman who dates a very young man.

Do you think they're not really dating, by the way? Well, it's true there has been a rumor in the k-pop industry that the two are old lovers and they're just trying to hide their relationship, but, yeah, Jung Ryeo Won denied it and the two are the only people who know the truth.

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