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Real reason why G-Dragon is harshly attacked by Korean media outlets

G-Dragon has been embroiled in a controversy due to the form of his new solo album. On June 8, he released his new solo album "Kwon Jiyong", while it's notable that the album was released as an USB, not as a CD. And the Korea Music Content Industry Association, which is currently running Gaon Chart said it's hard to admit GD's USB album as a music album, stating "It's just a tool to download music".

And about this, GD posted a long piece of writing on his SNS on June 15. He said "What's the problem? You can just judge whether an artist's work is an album or not by the decision made by someone we never know? From tape to CD, and from CD to download file. The appearance of music album has been changing again and again. What's important are melodies and lyrics which console many people and are remembered by many people for a long time".

But, that's not all. Fans found out that the red color of GD's album drains from the USB, some people began to blame GD and YG for selling a low quality product. Well, of course, YG explained about it by saying "It is what is intended, and we painted the USB manually to express exactly what GD wanted". And actually, it's true that GD's album is not a defective one because  GD intended to make an album which symbolizes intrauterine world. You know, the title of his concert was "G-DRAGON 2017 CONCERT: ACT III, M.O.T.T.E", and "MOTTE" means intrauterine. It is the concept of his album, and that's why he decorated his concert stadium with red color.

By the way, it seems like many of Korean media outlets don't think so. They're now attacking GD very harshly. Ok, let's see the titles of their articles first.

GD's ambiguous explanation about the controversy over his USB - Newsen
GD's overconfidence - Entermedia
G-Dragon's wrong sort of innovation - TV Daily
GD shoots his mouth off without thinking - Asia Economy

Well, why do you think many of Korean media outlets are attacking GD very harshly? Because his album was released as an USB, not as a CD? Or because he sold a low quality product? No.

Actually, YG has a lot of enemies in the Korean entertainment world. Especially, Korean media outlets hate the k-pop agency because it usually never makes an official announcement about its artists' love scandals, while Yang Hyun Suk gives an interview to only very few media outlets. So, in a word, Korean media outlets are attacking GD just because they hate YG. You know, BIGBANG's TOP has been charged with smoking marijuana lately, and the media outlets think it's a great chance to strike a blow to YG.

Of course, not all the Korean media outlets are attacking GD. There are a few Korean media outlets which are very close to YG too(The media outlets to which Yang Hyun Suk have been giving an interview), and they're now praising highly on GD's new album. (A person, who once was a reporter of Ingan Sports is now working as a director of YG, while a top manager of OSEN is very close with Yang Hyun SuK)

GD has irreplaceable charisma - Ilgan Sports
GD realizes the fourth industrial revolution - OSEN

Well, isn't it funny some media outlets are trying hard to damage YG, while others are doing their best to protect and assist the agency? Actually, I've worked for major Korean media outlets too, but I decided to resign and concentrate on my works as a chief editor of KpopBehind because I hated to do such dirty things.

Anyway, my thoughts on GD's new album? It is brilliant. The songs are very characterful songs which have high quality sounds, while GD expressed his own thoughts and feelings as a 30-year-old man through the songs. Outer appearance of the album is not important at all. The world we are living in is changing very rapidly, and we should keep up with the trend. The fact that red color drains from his album? It's a kind of artistic expression. As I said, GD intended to make an album which symbolizes intrauterine world.

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