PRODUCE 101's Wanna One has already made advertising contracts with 7 brands

Wanna One is enjoying its huge popularity.

According to the officials, the boy group, which is comprised of 11 members who appeared in "PRODUCE 101 Season 2" has already made advertising contracts with 7 brands. The sensational boy group is receiving love calls from various brands, and it is expected that the team will sign with far more brands.

The 11 members will shoot a pictorial for a magazine too, and they will begin to prepare for their debut album in earnest after performing at the finale concert of "PRODUCE 101 Season 2" to be held from July 1-2.

By the way, it's notable that YMC Entertainment, which is currently managing Wanna One said the boy group's activity will be a little bit different from that of I.O.I. Check out what the YMC official said.

Unlike the I.O.I members, who were able to be active as members both of their own groups and I.O.I, the Wanna One members should focus on their activities as members of Wanna On. As we want to make a high quality debut album, we will never rush to release the album. And unlike the I.O.I members, who had to manage a series of tight schedules, the Wanna One members will take some break because what's important is that they should maintain the best condition and show great performance on the stage.

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