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NCT 127 is ready to shut haters up

NCT 127 is coming back. The boy group will release its third mini album "NCT #127 CHERRY BOMB" on June 14, while a total of 7 tracks will be included in the album.

Actually, NCT 127 is one of the k-pop boy groups who have the most anti fans. Anti fans hate the boy group because of Taeyong's past wrongdoings and they say NCT 127 couldn't become as popular as other young boy groups such as BTS and SEVENTEEN even though the team belongs to SM Entertainment, the biggest k-pop agency.

Well, sadly, it's true NCT 127 couldn't achieve great success yet. As NCT 127 is a new boy group of SM Entertainment, it was expected that NCT 127 rises as a super star as soon as it debuts. However, the result was below expectations. The group ranked poorly on online music charts and couldn't attract public attention.

However, NCT 127 is ready to to shut their haters up now. Taeyong and Mark took part in writing 5 out of 7 tracks of the group's new album, while the group will hold a comeback showcase on June 14. It's a notable change because the NCT 127 members did not take part in writing their songs that much, and it's the first time for NCT 127 to hold its comeback showcase event. What do you think it means? It means NCT 127 and SM Entertainment have been putting a lot of efforts into the team's comeback. Actually, it's true that SM was stimulated by the great success of boy groups of small agencies such as BTS and SEVENTEEN, and SM is now giving full support to NCT 127 to make the group successful.

And it's also notable that NCT 127's new title track, "Cherry Bomb" is a song which has both high quality sounds and popular appeal. As I said before, NCT 127's songs have been winning rave reviews from people in the k-pop industry even though the songs were not that popular among the public. So, this time, NCT 127 is ready to show that its music has not only well made sounds but also popular appeal. The members will show awesome dance performance too.

And of course, famous competent musicians such as Dem Jointz, Deez, The Stereotypes and JQ took part in NCT 127's new album again, and it's expected that NCT 127 will finally become one of the most popular k-pop boy groups by being ranked higher on various music charts than ever.

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