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Legendary Seo Taiji chose BTS as the cultural icon

BTS is going to take part in Seo Taiji's upcoming 25th anniversary special concert.

At the concert, BTS will perform songs chosen from among all the tracks which were included in Taiji Boys' first, second, third and fourth full album. BTS will not only sing the songs but also reproduce the legendary boy group's dance performance.

You might think it's no big deal. But, actually, it could be a great honor for a young boy group to take part in Seo Taiji's concert because he is a legendary k-pop singer and he is so obsessive about his music that he never let anyone remake or perform his songs. So, BTS' participation in Seo Taiji's concert means the legendary singer recognized BTS' musical ability and he was sure that BTS will never spoil his music.

That's not all. According to Seo Taiji Company, the singer wanted to give his 25th anniversary concert a special meaning. He wanted to bring the generations together through his concert, and to do so, he planned to collaborate with a young k-pop singer. By the way, he can't collaborate with just any singer, right? He was a cultural icon in the 90s, and he wanted to collaborate with a young singer who can represent 2010s because a collaboration between two cultural icons of different time periods can bring the generations together. So, Seo Taiji chose BTS as the cultural icon in the 2010s, and he decided to collaborate with BTS even before the boy group won BBMAs Top Social Artist award.

Seo Taiji's 25th anniversary special concert "MOOV╦ÉSoundtrack vol.2" will be held at the main Sports Complex in Seoul on September 2. According to the officials, BTS is currently practicing really hard not to disappoint the legendary singer.

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