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[Interview] Kim Soohyun tells a story behind Suzy's cameo appearance in "Real" (+He will join the army next spring)

Q. A press preview for your new movie "Real" has recently been held. By the way, it seems like the movie is receiving harsh reviews from the critics.
Kim Soohyun: Well, after receiving harsh reviews, I felt like my soul left my body. I've thought carefully about it, and I think it's just a part of process. I mean, the movie is not released yet, and we do not yet know the results. "Real" is not discovered yet.

Q. It's notable that you played a double role in the movie for the first time since you debuted.
Kim Soohyun: Before playing the role, it's true I felt pressured, but I had a strong desire to try something new too. And of course, it was not easy to play a double role. I had to act doubly, and I sometimes got confused between two characters. And I had to spend a lot of energy too.

Q. What was it like acting together with Sulli?
Kim Soohyun: Frankly speaking, before filming the movie, I didn't even know what kind of actress she is. I didn't know her voice either. However, I found out that she has very attractive voice. She has a good attitude toward work, and she practiced a lot too. And as you'll see if you visit her SNS, she is a straightforward and easy-going person.

Q. There were bed scenes in the movie.
Kim Soohyun: When I read the scenario for the first time, I was very surprised. It was a big burden, and I had to modify the scenes. When I filmed a bed scene with Sulli, we both tried to tighten our stomachs because we were naked. By the way, we made bloopers because we tighten our stomachs so much that our voices sounded like a hum of a mosquito, haha.

Q. Suzy, who made a guest appearance in the movie caught eyes of people by appearing in the movie as a sexy tattooist with a cigarette in her mouth.
Kim Soohyun: I personally called her and asked if she can make a cameo appearance in the movie. She readily accepted the proposal. She came to Daejeon (an hour and a half from Seoul) to film the scene. Actually, she had to do the makeup for her tattoos for 6 hours. After finish filming her scene, she came to me and said "Hey, you didn't tell me about this". And I had to say "Thank you, thank you, thank you very much", haha. She can't attend the VIP preview of the movie, though. She said she's busy filming her drama.

Q. You've been on a roll since you debuted. You are loved by so many people, and you are considered as one of the most influential star. Are you satisfied with your life?
Kim Soohyun: Actually, it has not been long since I became really happy. When I was in my 20s, I tried to hide myself because I wanted to show bright side of myself to people. I was loved by many people and I looked like a shining star in front of people, but I suffered from inner agony. And I was also deeply pained by the fact that I was getting accustomed to all the special treatments. I was like a princess. Fortunately, I've changed, and I feel more comfortable now.

Q. It seems like you're addicted to playing bowling.
Kim Soohyun: When I play bowling, I can focus on myself. It certainly is helpful for me. I want to try again to become a professional bowler even though I'm not sure if my agency will agree with it.

Q. You're 30 years old now, and you have to join the army some time or other.
Kim Soohyun: Well, I think I will join the army next spring at the latest. I don't have a fear of joining the army, and I want to film one more drama or movie before joining the army.

Q. So, what kind of character do you want to play?
Kim Soohyun: I played a clumsy man in my previous drama "Producer". So, I want to play a very manly character.

Q. What's your goal?
Kim Soohyun: I don't know how long it will take, but I want to be an actor who is trusted by all the people.

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