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[Interview] BLACKPINK still can't date and they can't have plastic surgery either

Q. You made a comeback with your new song "As if it's your last". What's special about your new song?
Jisoo: "As if it's your last" is quite different from our previous songs. The song is a summer song, and we practiced our choreography very hard. You know, we used to show powerful dance performance, but this time, we're going to show cute performance too. Yang Hyun Suk always wanted us to be charismatic, but he said we need to be cute this time.

Q. So, do you like the cute concept of your new song?
Jisoo: I've practiced a lot, but I'm not sure if I can be very cute on the stage.
Rose: Actually, I'm a little bit ashamed to act cute.
Jennie: We tried to show new side of ourselves, and we'll show some cute performances on the stage. I think the cute concept fit nicely with Rose and Lisa, the two youngest members.

Q. MAMAMOO also made a comeback today. Do you feel a sense of rivalry against the girl group?
Lisa: It's just an honor to make a comeback around the same time with them.
Jisoo: So many competent singers will release their new albums around the same time, but we're just a rookie, and we'll try to show new side of ourselves to the public.

Q. Have you watched "PRODUCE 101 Season 2"?
Jisoo: Yeah, I watched the program, and it reminded me of my trainee days. I remember it took a long time for me to learn dancing. Actually, we feel like we're still trainees because we've never been to foreign countries since we debuted and we always stay at home.

Q. So, you still can't date due to YG's ban?
Jisoo: We can't date, we can't have plastic surgery, and we can't go out. We're complying with the rule because we don't do those things. Actually, we feel happiest when we play together at our accommodation.

Q. It seems like many k-pop fans have great expectations for you because you've been on a roll since your debut.
Rose: I know the expectations of us are high. We try to pressure ourselves all the time, but the pressure doesn't bother us. I think our passion for music is increasing everyday.

Q. You became only one YG girl group because 2NE1 has been disbanded. Don't you feel pressure about it?
Jennie: We don't feel pressure about it, but we always feel pressured to do a great job as a YG girl group. I think we're destined to be compared with 2NE1, and we'll do our best to differentiate ourselves from 2NE1.

Q. Who's your role model?
Rose: All of YG artists. They're really passionate about music.
Jisoo: I've recently been to G-Dragon's concert, and it was really impressive. Just like him, who heated up the big stadium alone, we want to hold our concert at a big concert hall.
Jennie: I want to learn a lot from Taeyang. He always attracts audiences on the stage.
Lisa: CL is my role model. She's really cool.

Q. What's you goal?
Jisoo: We want to let many people about ourselves. You know, we've been not that active in TV shows, but this time, we will appear on a variety of TV shows and radio programs.

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