Hwang Chi Yeul says Infinite and PRODUCE 101's Kang Dongho were the best students

Hwang Chi Yeul, who's enjoying huge popularity in China made a comeback with his first ever mini album "Be Ordinary" on June 13. By the way, as you may know, the male singer was a vocal trainer before becoming popular and taught many idols how to sing. So, which idol do you think was his best student? In a recent interview, Hwang Chi Yeul talked about it. Check out what he said.

When I heard voices of Infinite's Woohyun Sungkyu and Hoya for the first time, I thought they have very unique voices. Sungkyu has a voice of a rocker and Woohyun's voice is very characterful. And Hoya is a rapper but he is the one who practices singing really hard. I was stimulated by him. And Kang Dongho, who's currently appearing in "PRODUCE 101" has an unique and attractive voice too. He's recently called me and I told him to do his best.

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