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Apink's hectic TV show appearance schedule (From June 19 to July 7, 2017)

Apink is coming back. The lovely girl group will release its 6th mini album "Pink Up" on June 26. By the way, it's notable that the 6 members are very active in various TV shows these days. Chorong and Naeun appeared on "Abnormal Summit" aired on June 19, while Eunji and Naeun will make an appearance on "Let's eat dinner together" to be aired on June 21. That's not all. They'll appear on many other TV shows before and after the release of their new album.

Actually, the Apink members told their agency they want to appear on many TV shows, and that's why they're so active in various TV shows these days. They said they want to meet their fans through a variety of TV shows. And as they'll kick off their concert tour in Japan in July, they're trying to appear on as many TV shows as possible for a limited period of time.

Check out Apink's hectic TV show appearance schedule.

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