Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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TWICE vs BLACKPINK: Who's going to be more successful in the Japanese music market?

TWICE and BLACKPINK, two of the most popular young k-pop girl groups will make an official debut in Japan.

TWICE will release its best album "Hashtag TWICE" on June 28, and after then, the girl group will hold its debut showcase "Touchdown in Japan" at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium on July 2.

Actually, TWICE has been promoting itself in Japan since early this year. TWICE's picture was displayed on a big scoreboard in downtown Tokyo, while the country's morning shows also have introduced about the girl group. In the country, TWICE's TT dance is in vogue among youngsters.

BLACKPINK will hold "BLACKPINK PREMIUM DEBUT SHOWCASE" at Budokan in Tokyo on July 20. It is unusual for a foreign rookie group to hold its debut showcase at Budokan, while it's notable that "Tokyo Girls Collection", the biggest fashion event in Japan will sponsor BLACKPINK's debut event. After holding the debut showcase, BLACKPINK will release its debut album in the country on August 9.

Right after YG announced that BLACKPINK will make an official debut in Japan, the girl group received so much attention from Japanese media. They provided full coverage of BLACKPINK's debut in the country, stating, "BIGBANG's little sister BLACKPINK will perform at Budokan in Tokyo for the first time as a foreign girl group who has not yet debuted.

The interest is now on which girl group will be more successful in the Japanese music market. Even though TWICE debuted earlier than BLACKPINK, the two girl groups are regarded as rivals in the world of k-pop, while JYP and YG, two of the biggest agencies have been rivals with one another for years too. So, JYP and YG are in full support of the two girl groups going to debut in Japan, and that's why many people in the k-pop industry think it will be an interesting match-up.

Actually, people in the k-pop industry are now expecting both TWICE and BLACKPINK to make a big splash in the Japanese music market just like Kara and Girls' Generation did. You know, Kara and Girls' Generation debuted in the country in August 2010 and has gained a huge popularity. They certainly have dominated the market. The interesting thing is that TWICE and BLACKPINK have totally different musical characteristics from one another just like Kara and Girls' Generation did.

Anyway, what do you think? Who's going to be more successful in the Japanese music market? TWICE or BLACKPINK?

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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!