The production crew of "New Journey to the West" is thinking of hiring Lee Seung Gi for Season 5

Although there are about 5 months left until Lee Seung Gi discharged from military service, TV producers in Korea already began to compete to cast him. The handsome star is receiving love calls from various dramas and TV shows, while his agency began to contact with people in the Korean entertainment world.

By the way, it's notable that the production crew of "New Journey to the West" is thinking of hiring Lee Seung Gi for season 5 of the program. You know, season 4 of the program will begin to air in June, but it will be Kyuhyun last appearance in the program because he will join the army soon. It's sad thing for his fans and the production crew of "New Journey to the West", but think it. Lee Seung Gi will be coming back after season 4 will end.

So, it is expected that Lee Seung Gi will take up the baton and entertain his fans again. Actually, Lee Seung Gi has a great affection for "New Journey to the West" because many staff members and entertainers who have appeared in "2 Days and 1 Night" and he could become one of the most popular young stars thanks to the program. And no doubt, Lee Seung Gi is really close to the members, and that's why it's expected season 5 of "New Journey to the West" will be his first reality show after his discharge from the military.

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