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Psy talks about his collaboration with GD, JYP, Son Naeun, Zico, Lee Byung Hun and more

On May 10, Psy held a press conference for his 8th full album "4X2=8". You know, extra attention is focused on the global star's comeback not only because he made a comeback after a long hiatus but also because various famous artists such as G-Dragon, JYP and Apink's Son Naeun took part in his new album. So, let's see what Psy talked about his collaboration with the various artists.


Among the new songs, I didn't even submit "Fact Abuse" to the Korean Broadcasting Commission because I'll never get permission to perform the song on TV. You will know what I'm talking about after listening the song only for 15 seconds. I use abusive language in the song, and yeah, GD, who is featured as a rapper in the song also uses abusive language. I think my hardcore fans will really like the song. Actually, "Fact Abuse" is my favorite among all the new songs, so make sure to listen to it.


When Park Jin Young participated in Infinite Challenge music festival in 2015, his partner Yoo Jae Suk refused to perform "Bomb". Instead, you know, they performed "I'm so sexy" at the festival and it was well received by many people. I watched the show too, but I liked "Bomb" and that's why I asked Park Jin Young to give me the song. I made the song new with B.I and Bobby of iKON, and I wonder how Yoo Jae Suk will react to the song. I'll call him tonight, and I hope we'll dance to the song together.

Son Naeun

"New Face" is the song about a man who likes a new woman. I think many male listeners will be able to emphasize with the song. And before filming the music video, I thought the heroine should be the one who has grace. Personally, I like a woman who has an oriental-calm beauty, and yeah, it's Naeun. Even though she is not a rookie, I thought people will feel fresh to see her in my music video because she's always been active as a lovely girl group member. She said it was very hard for her to keep a straight face during filming the music video. I'm fully satisfied with her acting.

Lee Byung Hun and Zico

It's not first time to ask Lee Byung Hun to appear in my music video, but he's always refused to do it because I've never given him the scenario of my music video. He doesn't like ad libs, and he refused my request when I told him all he needs to do is just dance with me. But this time, I explained concretely about the lyrics of "I luv it", and he finally accepted my request. I'm so thankful that he did his best to film the music video. And before releasing the album, I experienced a slump because I felt like my songs are going out of fashion. But after collaborating with young artists such as Zico and B.I, I could refresh myself. The young bloods were a great help to me.

B.I and Lee Sung Kyung

After writing the chorus part of "Last scene", I asked B.I to write the lyrics of the song because I wanted to make trendy music. While working with him, I could refresh myself and that's why I could write many new songs to be contained in my 8th full album. And I asked Lee Sung Kyung to be featured as a singer in the song because I thought she has beautiful voice when I listened to her song "My lips... Like warm coffee".

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