Park Shin Hye to kick off her fan meeting tour in June

Here's good news for fans of Park Shin Hye. The queen of hallyu will kick off her fan meeting tour soon.

According to the official from her agency, Park Shin Hye will begin her fan meeting tour in June, 2017, while the tour will be held in various Asian countries including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand.

Park Shin Hye has held her fan meeting tour every year since 2012, while she is the only Korean actress who can hold such a large scale event in various foreign countries. But, as you may know, she decided to delay her fan meeting tour which was originally scheduled to be held in 2016 due to her busy schedule.

So, Park Shin Hye's fan meeting tour to be held in 2017 will be her first Asia tour in a year and 9 months, and according to her manager, the actress is very excited now because she's been really looking forward to meeting with her fans. And of course, she's preparing a lot for her fan meeting tour to give her fans a lot of pleasure.

And here's news about her new drama. Park Shin Hye's finished filming her movie "The Witness of Silence", and she will select her next drama or movie very carefully. You know, she is one of the best Korean actresses in their 20s and is receiving love calls from various dramas and movies.

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